ampe products

Ampé has a PH value of 7 and a shelve life of more then 2 years.
It can be sprayed, added to animal drinking water, or used in misting equipment.

There are currently 4 versions of Ampé, each developed specifically to work effectively in their specific fields and specified uses

For seed, soil and crop treatments

Increased growth and health Ampé is a revolutionary, 100% natural and environmentally friendly way to eliminate sicknesses caused by pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

For all kinds of animals

Increased health Healthy animals are happy animals, whom grow well and produce the wool, meat, egg and milk we need.

As an environmentally friendly disinfectant

Our understanding for the need of high hygienic standards has grown, however many of the available biocides and disinfectants available in the market today often have a negative impact on the environment, can cause irritation to the skin and eyes or are toxic to animals and humans.

For skin cleansing/care & as a hand sanitizer

Ampé can be applied directly or can be diluted in a 1:10 or 1:20 ratio In normal water depending on the situation.