about ampe

the challenge

There is an increasing problem globally with sicknesses caused by all kinds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Either we’re talking about bird flue or other animal diseases, crop failures, outbreaks of salmonella or a global pandemic, they all have one thing in common. The pathogenic microbes causing them and the challenge we have to control them from spreading.

At Ampé we have set out to develop an innovative solution to not only prevent, but in many cases also undo the negative effects caused by these sicknesses.

Amplifying health, growth and life by removing the pathogenic microbes, so that the good microbes and cells can function optimally.
Ampé, the future of antimicrobial treatment.

the solution

Ampé is an ionized, water based reaction created from only natural ingredients resulting in a stable, long lasting increased redox value solution of above 800mv.

Normal water has a redox value of about 200-300mv. Meaning pathogenic microbes can multiply in that environment.

However when that same water can have a redox value of above 650mv, pathogenic microbes can not survive.

Unlike many other biocides, disinfectants or fungicides, Ampé is not toxic, is safe to handle and does not damage the environment.

Ampé has a PH value of 7 and a shelve life of more then 2 years.
It can be sprayed, added to animal drinking water, or used in misting equipment.
There are currently 4 versions of Ampé, each developed specifically to work effectively in their specific fields and specified uses

For seed, soil and crop treatments

For all kinds of animals

As an environmentally friendly disinfectant

For skin cleansing/care & as a hand sanitizer

Ampé can be applied directly or can be diluted in a 1:10 or 1:20 ratio In normal water depending on the situation.